Sunday, June 30, 2013

Terrapin Adventures, Savage, MD

Summer is upon us, which means that it is the season for getting out into nature and having a blast.
Today we visited Terrapin Adventures, an outdoor adventure program that offers a wide variety of activities to individuals and/or groups such as ziplines, ropes course, rock climbing etc... They also offer events such as kayaking, bike riding, tubing, fishing, windsurfing, horseback riding, and sailing.We decided to tackle the Terrapin challenge which is 4 hours of ropes course fun. The ropes course is shaded by large trees, but it can still get hot, so bring lots of water.

The number one thing about this trip besides for the fun activities was how friendly and safe the staff was to the participants. They interacted well with each individual, made everyone feel safe and comfortable, and set people up to have a great time. Each activity had a number of instructors guiding people through, but they also gave people the space to explore on the different challenges without hovering.

On this ropes course, there were children as young as 7-8 years old, and people in their 50's as well. The mix of families with young kids, teens, college kids, and adults having fun made the experience even more enjoyable. Everyone helped each other out and fostered strong communication skills and team building. As a person afraid of heights, they helped me to conquer my fears. I am sure that they will do the same for others as well. This company was also very good about rain checks if it is raining/storming. In the middle of our 4 hour activity it started to pour. All we had to do is ask, and they gave us certificates to use the rest of our 2.5 hours at another time. We are definitely going back soon!

Cost: Varies depending on the activities you choose

Hours: Check Website