Sunday, August 20, 2017

Urban Evolution, Alexandria, Va

Perhaps you’ve heard the word “Parkour” shouted before seeing someone attempt something daring outside. The odds are that you had no idea what they were talking about. Well let me tell you, today we had a great experience at a Parkour training gym called Urban Evolution which gave us a true understanding of parkour. With two Virginia locations, Urban Evolution helps train people in how to move from place to place within their environment in a safe and exciting manner.

Upon entering the gym, my kids were first greeted by an incredibly friendly staff member who helped us to sign our waivers. Once completed, we got to go into the gym which brought immediate reactions of “Dad, this place is awesome!” With walls covered with graffiti, cars to climb over and through, warped walls, poles to swing from, and wooden boxes to jump from (and over), this gym was the “it” place to be for my children. When speaking to the owner, he shared that they have worked with kids as young as 4 and people into their 80’s.

Once we started, it was immediately evident that our instructor was patient and that he put safety above everything else. He also helped my kids to understand that although it looks fun to do, speed takes a backseat to concentration and consistency. It was great to see my kids learning the proper ways to leap up, down, and over different obstacles. We also learned how difficult it was to balance and walk across metal pipes. 

After completing our balancing and jumping, we got to move onto how to roll without using our heads. The techniques were always well explained, and the kids really enjoyed learning the different strategies that they could employ to move safely from one place to another. Piecing together all of the different skills that we learned in an hour, everyone came away with a smile on their face, feeling a great sense of accomplishment. 

Urban Evolution is open for classes, private lessons, and camps. They offer class choices such as Parkour, Aerial Silks, Breakdancing, and UrbanFit. This is definitely not your run of the mill place. You will get a workout, and be more aware of how to interact with your surroundings.  While it is fun to play at a playground, why not make the world your playground after getting lessons from Urban Evolution? 

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