Monday, July 24, 2017

Dave and Busters, Silver Spring MD

With three locations in Maryland (Capitol Heights, Hanover, and Silver Spring), there are plenty of options for arcade fun. Whichever one you choose will definitely have more games than most other arcades. The places are kept very clean and they do a good job of making the games spread far enough apart to be wheelchair accessible. With a wide variety of game choices, kids and adults 5 and older can find something that will pique their interest. The game cards that can be purchased are easy to reload, and all games with a green light by the card swipe are ticket bearing games, while blue lights are games just for fun. Games range from classics like Skeeball and Super Shot Basketball to newer games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Fishbowl Frenzy. 

Once you have finished playing, they have a relatively large prize shop, where you can cash in your tickets for treats or toys. You can also have them put your tickets on your power card so that you can save up for something bigger. Our favorite time to go is on ½ priced Wednesdays, where you can really get twice as much bang for your buck. They also have a restaurant and a sports bar area. The Silver Spring location has three public parking garages nearby, and the location in Hanover has lots of free parking as it is in Arundel Mills Mall.


Sun - Thu 10:00am - Midnight
Fri - Sat 10:00am - 2:00am

$10 = 48 chips +$2 (+12 chips)
$20 = 100 chips +$3 (+25 chips)
$25 = 135 chips +$4 (+35 chips)
$35 = 200 chips +$5 (+50 chips)
$50 = 300 chips +$6 (+75 chips)
mega chips $75 = 550  or  $100 = 750/PER CARD

4 Player Pack (includes FREE supercharge)
$25 cards = 170 chips each
$35 cards = 250 chips each
$50 cards = 375 chips each

$5=24 chips available. Power Cards are rechargeable. New Power Cards have a $2 activation fee & include 10 chips.

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