Friday, July 14, 2017

Sligo Creek Footgolf Course, Silver Spring, MD

The 21st century thinker is always looking to create the next big thing. For this reason, there has been a massive surge in new and trendy activities that have been created by companies seeking to create that “wow factor” from their customers. However, people looking for a fun activity might find that there are really fun variations on activities that already exist, right under our noses.  
While operating for years as a traditional golf course, Sligo Creek Golf Course is now also home to Footgolf. Yes, you read that correctly, Footgolf.  This game is played on the same exact course as the golfers, the only real differences being that instead of hitting a golf ball with a club, you get to kick a soccer ball into a much larger hole. The rules of golf apply to this game as well, but even though Footgolf is 18 holes, the course is obviously much shorter than a golf course since one cannot kick nearly as far as one could hit with a golf club.
In terms of the nuances of this game, it plays much the same as golf, but because the ball is so much larger than a golf ball, it is much less about playing the rolls and reading angles. I found that the more you kicked straight at the hole, the more likely it would be to stay its course. While you can certainly rent a golf cart to ride the holes, it is definitely a great workout if you were to choose to walk the course.
Golf course etiquette is still in effect, so remember to wear a collared shirt, and the appropriate shoes for the course, and know that golfers are playing on the same course, so be aware of where they are and where you are at all times. This could be a really fun family event for those with older kids, and they have a family rate (2 adults and 2 children) after a certain time of day. I wouldn’t bring kids younger than 8 or 9 years old. This is also a great activity for adults. Their rates fluctuate in the $14-$18 dollar range for a round of 18, and you can either bring your own soccer ball (size 5 or above) or rent a ball at the course for an additional $3 per person. It is best to call for a tee time or book your start time online, but you can also just walk up and pay at the clubhouse.
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