Monday, July 17, 2017

Invicta Sports Club, Gaithersburg MD

While some activities offer the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather for a few months during the year, other places offer fun that can last year round! Invicta Sports Club is a place that you can spend quality time having fun, and learning a new sport or two regardless of the weather. Located in Gaithersburg, this is the perfect place to come to learn how to shoot archery and/or to learn the sport of fencing. Both sports are incredibly safe, and Invicta offers a variety of options such as 1-hour fun sessions (on weekends), 20-minute private lessons, or group classes. They also run camps in the summer, and are open for parties, and small group events.

Having gone on two separate days, I can say that both trainers that worked with us were passionate about their sport, were incredibly knowledgeable, and were great teachers. When we came for archery lessons, Dmitri took the time to explain some of the background of the sport, the different types of bows and arrows, as well as the different techniques that we would need to be successful. As we took aim at the target and emptied a round of shots, he would then give a critique of our form, and why certain things went the way they did and how we could improve. He was patient, and really took the time to help us learn the skills necessary to participate. He also gave a great understanding of the differences in the sport based on techniques and equipment from different countries and cultures. 

When we came back the second time, we tried our hand at fencing. For this sport as well, we found our trainer (Anastasia) to be incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. She walked us through the sport, and shared information about the different types of fencing swords, gear, technology, as well as how points are scored. After learning some of the history, she demonstrated the basic motions such as advancing, retreating, and lunging. Once we practiced the basics, we were able to suit up and have a few matches. The matches provided a good workout and our instructor gave us pointers along the way to help us better understand the different techniques and strategies that we were using. She always asked if we had any questions, and was encouraging us throughout the process.

One might think that these sports would be dangerous, but they are actually both very safe sports as long as you wear the protective gear that they provide, and that you follow instructions. You can tell from their enthusiasm in how they give over their lessons that they care about their sport and their clients. Between the two sports, fencing definitely has more terminology and nuances to learn, while providing a strong combination of mental and physical activity. Archery, had less terminology and rules to follow, but also requires concentration and strength. This activity is great for younger and older children as well as for adults. Their “fun sessions” (fencing) and archery sessions both provide a great opportunity for kids or adults to learn in a fun and safe setting while honing a new craft.

If you have any specific questions about either activity, they are good about responding via email. Their email address is . You can also leave a message on their phone, and they will get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. They are currently in the process of getting a new sign, so finding the place can be a bit challenging. If you put the address into your navigation system, it will tell you that you have arrived when you reach a small shopping center. Turn into the shopping center (you will see a store called J & C Upholstry). Drive around the back of J & C and you will see Invicta Sports Club.

Rates: (Prices vary depending on promotional rates)
Rates for Summer 2017

Archery: (reservations made online)
-Beginner Archery session: $20 per lesson, per person, 7 years of age and up.
1-hour session: Includes: safety, basic instruction, and all of the necessary materials.

-Advanced Archery session (use of club without instructor): $15 per person, 7 years of age and up.
1-hour session: Bring your own equipment, or rent theirs for an additional $15 dollars.

Fencing: (reservations made online)
-Fun Session: $20 per lesson (1 hour), per person, for all ages.
1-hour session: Includes safety, basic instruction, and all of the necessary materials.
-Group classes:
              Little Musketeers (ages 5-7):
                             Meets once per week for one month (4 sessions) $110
                             Meets twice per week for one month (8 sessions) $210
              Beginner (ages 8-13):
Meets once per week for one month (4 sessions) $130
                             Meets twice per week for one month (8 sessions) $240
              Adult (ages 13 & up):
Meets once per week for one month (4 sessions) $120
                             Meets twice per week for one month (8 sessions) $220
(Check website for meeting dates)

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