Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Board and Brew, College Park MD

If you're bored and looking to brew up some fun, have no fear. Board and Brew is a great place to go with kids or on a date night. Board and Brew, located in College Park MD, has over 600 board games to choose from. If you want to play a game that you are familiar with, this makes for a great environment to enjoy one of your favorite games. Additionally, on weekends and week nights, they also have a “game guru” on hand to help you out if you want to try a new game. When we went, the game guru told us that he knew how to play 380 of the 600 games, and would be happy to help us pick out a new game and teach us how to play. He asked us questions to figure out what type of game we were looking for (team, every person for themselves, players against the game, etc…), and was willing to sit with us until we felt comfortable. The game guru told us that on days when they are not busy, he would even learn a new game with us (one of the 220 he hadn’t learned yet).

Since this is a college town, the store is mostly filled with college students. You can come for a variety of different brews (coffee and/or beer) as well as small pastries. The store is incredibly clean, and also has some outdoor seating. If you are planning on going with younger children, mornings are probably much less hectic. Keep in mind that the game guru would be there on weekends, but not on weekday mornings. There is also a parking lot in the rear of the strip, with inexpensive parking. If you just want to play a game, the cost is $5 per person for unlimited gaming. If you are planning on adding drinks, Monday and Tuesday nights they run specials where if you spend $12 in food and drinks, your games are free. They also have Wine night Wednesday which coincides with Magic the Gathering night, and Trivia Thursday.

We had a great time at Board and Brew, and would definitely go back. 

Wheel Chair accessible: Yes

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