Saturday, September 5, 2009

South of the Border in South Carolina

On the way to Florida there is an area called "south of the border". There are souvenir shops /bathrooms/hotels and other attractions to spend time at. There is an arcade for kids as well as a merry-go-round . In the store called the "antique shop and hats around the world" there are riding toys and there are also statues of animals for the kids to look at and take pictures on. Additionally, there was an amusement park right next door with rides like the pirate ship, Ferris wheel, mini golf etc. A lot of people stop here when they drive by and there a lot of signs so you really cant miss it! Also there is a big sombrero that you can ride in to go to the top of a tower (200 feet they said). They call this place, America’s favorite highway oasis!
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  1. Thanks for posting something from my home town! Great place for the kids!