Friday, August 13, 2010

Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, Maryland

The Maryland Science Center, located in downtown Baltimore has many different types of exhibits spread through its expansive 3 level building. The entry level is home to Newton’s alley, Dinosaur mysteries, Terralink, Fossils, Beakers CafĂ©, and the Science store. Our son enjoyed thrashing through the dinosaur hall and then moving into Newton’s alley where he got to experiment with all sorts of physical science activities including touching a “cloud” and trying to pick his own weight up in a chair. The science store also had a huge selection of toys and games to play with.
When we went to the second floor, we got to experience areas such as Our place in space, Spacelink, Cells, Bodylink, Your body, and the Wonder warehouse. In the wonder warehouse we saw and partook in exhibits such as moving a flashlight in a dark room and seeing the light pattern videotaped and creating flying crafts and seeing if they would in fact take off. We also walked around and learned about which sort of things take place in the human body. The different sounds were fascinating and fun!
On the third level was a huge interactive kids room that is specifically geared towards children from birth-8 years old. This room was the most fun for my son as he got to play in the water area (squirting water and filling up tubs, sailing a boat down the current, and connecting water pipes to redirect water). He also had fun shooting messages through a tube over his head, and building with pipes. There was also a big boat in a loft area and a really cool video screen under the boat where you can lay down and navigate your way through the ocean on a tv screen. Also on this level were the Science arcade, a blue crab exhibit, and an energy efficient car room. In this room he got the chance to build a model car on interactive touch computer screens.
Each level really had wonderful and interactive exhibits for kids and adults to play with and learn from. Additionally, they also have changing events that can be found on their website. The museum also has an IMAX theater and frequently plays fascinating movies for an additional cost. I would say the best ages to take kids to this museum range from 3-14 years old. I saw just as many adults interacting with exhibits as the kids and we were thrilled that we got to go. This museum is also right on the harbor so it makes it easy to spend a day having fun walking around the city and seeing other activities as well.
Adults: $ 14.95
Children: $11.95
(teachers are free with pay stub or I.D.)
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  1. Sept 29 2010
    Bodylink is positively wonderful! Kids dress up like a scientist and perform actual experiments.

    CongratulationsK 25