Thursday, June 23, 2011

Claude Moore Colonial Farm, McLean, VA

Claude Moore Colonial Farm is located in Virginia very close to CIA headquarters. (Just make sure you don't accidentally turn in the wrong place). The farm is preserved to look like it did back in 1771. It has
a small smattering of animals including geese, pigs, and cattle. There is also a small barn where tobacco is cured. (Don't worry, the tobacco fields are so far removed from modern day cigarettes no kids will make
the connection unless you tell them).
The highlight of the farm of course is the house where modern day actors live in a recreated 1771 lifestyle. They prepare and eat authentic meals, wear period clothing, use period correct dishes and utensils, and have chickens and roosters running around. They're happy to talk to visitors and will also introduce your children to some of the period games they have. the farm is fairly small so it won't take you too long to see the whole thing, and they also have special events which you can find out about on their website at

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  1. We went here right before going to the Clemyjontri park. It was very quaint and I had been expecting something a bit bigger, but it was a good value for the cost. Well maintained, really interesting, and a lot of fun for kids to run around a bit too. We also had a nice picnic lunch on their tables out front in the shade.

    My only wish is that they had more than the ONE bathroom for everyone. It was hard to get a small child to walk all the way back for a bathroom, and also would be very difficult to deal with if there were a lot or visitors. I assume they have more bathroom available on their event days. I hope so anyhow!