Monday, December 26, 2011

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC

Located on the mall in Washington DC, the Air and Space Museum has been a favorite of mine for years. They have several changing exhibits, but they also have many permanent exhibits as well. The exhibit hall features include:
Explore the Universe (Herschel Telescope)
Looking at Earth (Lockheed U-2)
How Things Fly (great interactives for kids)
Early Flight (features the 1909 Wright Military Flyer)
Jet Aviation
Golden Age of Flight
Exploring the Moon (Apollo Lunar Module)
Moving Beyond Earth
Space Race (Missile Pit)
Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater
Milestones of Flight (which includes a piece of Moon Rock)                
 Gift Shop
America by Air (Boeing 747 Nose of plane and tour)
Flight Simulators
(This list is from their home page)

The museum is very large and will take several hours to see everything. Children as young as 3 can start to appreciate the exhibits, but I would say that 5 and up is the ideal age range. The museum is completely free, and is located in easy walking distance of several other great museums and national monuments. There are also several metro stations located nearby so that you can conveniently get to and from the museum very easily. Parking on the streets are very limited and garages will be expensive. There are many food vendors that sell snacks and there are a plethora of restaurants in the surrounding areas as well that cater to a variety of different dietary needs.

Free admission
Hours: 10am-5:30pm

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