Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boomerang Pirate Ship, NW DC

Prepare to sail the seven seas…..or at least the Potomac River! This week, we went on the Boomerang Pirate ship, which docks on the Georgetown waterfront. While parking and the ride itself are expensive, the kids had a great time on this 1 hour boat tour. The group also does night tours and private parties for adults. The crew does a good job of swabbing the decks to make sure that the boat stays in pristine condition.

The activity consists of the pirates taking us out to sea to try and find the keys to their treasure chest (which had been stolen). After roughly 20 minutes, a smaller boat came driving by, waving the keys to the treasure chest at us. All of the children took to the railings and began blasting their water cannons at him. Once he surrendered, he passed the keys over, and we were able to open the treasure chest. Inside was candy and little pirate treasures that each child was allowed to pick from. 

Throughout the ride, the pirate employees did a great job of entertaining the kids with songs, games such as limbo, and pirate dancing. They also handed out temporary tattoos and did face painting as well. The staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating (both in person and on the phone when booking), provided a big cooler of water and cups, and made sure that everyone was safe and having a good time. They were more than willing to snap a few pictures with the kids, and made it an enjoyable experience. The only complaint besides for the cost was that they do not answer the phone when you call. You have to leave a message, and they will call you back pretty quickly. Also, remember to leave a significant amount of time to get there as traffic is always terrible in that area. It will take much longer than any GPS says it should take.

Age Range: 3 and up

Cost: $20 per person

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  1. Sounds like a great pirate ship in DC. I thought I'd also recommend if you or your readers are closer to the Annapolis area. Great time for kids and I have heard nothing but good things!