Thursday, July 10, 2014

Water Country USA, Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg used to be known solely for its impact on the American Revolution. Now it has another claim to fame, Water Country USA! While most amusement parks are just roller coasters, or a mix of roller coasters and water rides, there are very few places on the east coast that offer a water park that is the size of a whole amusement park. Additionally, because it is located a few blocks from Busch Gardens, patrons can spend a few days in the Williamsburg area doing a variety of different activities.

Water Country USA offers water lovers the opportunity to ride on ten different water slides, a wave pool, lazy river, diving show, and three areas that are designated just for really little children. Unlike any other water park that I have been at before, the park was spotless. There was not a piece of trash on the floor anywhere, and all of the rides seemed well maintained.

The most impressive part of this water park was that while most parks restrict little kids from riding on the bigger attractions, there were only two rides that kids under 48 inches could not go on. All of the other rides allow kids fewer than 48 inches to ride with an adult, as long as they are wearing a life vest (which the park provides).  It appears that Water Country USA targets families with children that are 3-14 years of age. Due to targeting this demographic, there were a lot less rowdy teens running around, which made it a very pleasant atmosphere for families.

However, just because the park is incredibly accessible to younger children does not mean that they do not have any thrill rides. The two most exciting rides in the park are Vanish Point and the newly opened Colossal Curl! Opening Colossal Curl as another thrill ride shows that the park is making an effort to widen their demographic as well.  Vanish point, however, is far and away the most thrilling ride in the park. Once at the top of the platform, riders are confronted with the choice between entering into a pod whose floor drops out from under the rider, or a 300 foot slide that drops almost 90 degrees the second you push off.  Both options give riders the feeling of zero gravity!

Overall this is a really fun water park that is fun independently for a day trip, but can also be coupled with Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, and other attractions in the area to make a great short vacation as well. I will definitely be taking my kids back here next summer! 

Water Country USA Single-Day Ticket
Adults 10+: $50.00 per person
Ages 3-9: $43.00 per person

Water Country USA Fun Card (Unlimited visits to Water Country USA through Sept. 1)
Ages 3+: $50.00 per person

Busch Gardens + Water Country USA 2-Park Fun Card (Unlimited visits to Water Country USA and Busch Gardens through Sept. 1)
Ages 3+: $97.00 per person

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