Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ski Roundtop, Lewisberry, PA

Here’s an exciting new activity for most..... OGO balling!!! That’s right, if you aren’t a huge fan of the upside down, stomach is in your throat, jerking back and forth motion of a roller coaster, but love a fun and fast ride, OGO balling is the activity for you. Located at Ski Roundtop, this is the perfect summer activity. While there are only 3 locations in the U.S. that have OGO balling (also called Zorbing), Roundtop is the only one that charges a set fee for the day, meaning that you can go as many times as you’d like.  Children as young as 6 could be seen flying down the hill in this fun ride.

So what is an OGO ball? An OGO ball is a 10 foot plastic ball, with another plastic ball suspended inside of it. There is a small hole in the side that is opened up, and then the inner ball is filled with a few gallons of water. Once the bottom of the inner ball has water in it, up to 3 riders can climb inside and sit up to their waists in water (warning: the water is a little cold). Once seated, the staff zips up the hole, opens the gate, and sends you rolling down the hill. They use their winter snow tubing hill as their summer OGO balling track. Let me tell you, the first time going down the hill is a little unsettling due to the cold water, and not knowing where to place your hands. However, by the third and fourth times you go down, it’s just an amazing ride, and an incredibly unique experience. 

In addition to OGO balling, Roundtop’s summer activities also include a ropes course, maze, bumper boats, gem mining, paintball, ziplining and a scenic chair lift up one of their ski hills. They also have a great deck that overlooks the OGO balling course that is perfect for enjoying lunch. While we went during the summer to experience all of these great activities (for one price), they also are known for their great skiing and snow tubing in the winter. We are looking forward to making this a frequent summer stop for years to come!


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