Monday, January 25, 2016

Ski Liberty, Fairfield, PA.

 Only an hour and 20 minutes from the Silver Spring area, Ski Liberty is a great winter activity which provides hours of fun in the snow! In addition to being a resort and conference center, they offer snow tubing on Boulder Ridge, as well as skiing and snow boarding. It is important to call ahead to make sure that they are open and that the conditions are right for your activity.

We went for the snow tubing which allows for tickets to be purchased for either 1 or 2 hours at a time and includes the cost of the tube rental. Rates range from $20-$32 dollars per person depending on peak and non-peak times. Depending on the day and time, you might find shorter or longer lines, so I advise calling ahead to see when their busier hours are.

I took my 6 and 8 year old children on this trip, and each one got their own tube. They also have a small tubing area (at a reduced price) for kids that are 2-4 years old so that the really little ones can have fun too. They also have a lodge if you need to go in before, during, and after your tubing experience to warm up. The lines moved relatively quickly for the number of people at the ski hill, and they had a covered electric ramp which took you from the bottom of the hill to the top.

The day that we went, the lines were bigger at first, and died down a bit towards the end of our two hours. I believe that we went down the hill 6-7 times during our two hours, and the staff was friendly and maintained a safe environment. Before each person went down the hill, you could request to go regular or fast, and straight down or spinning. My more adventurous son preferred the fast spinning while my more timid son chose fast but straight down.  By the end of the day, my kids were exhausted and had smiles on their faces.


Liberty Mountain Resort
78 Country Club Trail
Carroll Valley, PA 17320
(717) 642-8282

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