Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Garden State Discovery Museum in New Jersey

During the winter break, we spent a couple of days in South Jersey visiting my in-laws. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Garden State Discovery Museum which is located in Cherry Hill, NJ. This makes it a good stop on the way up to Philly and New York.

The museum is divided into different zones, such as a construction zone and a medical zone. Kids have the chance to perform different tasks related to the zone. For example in the grocery store zone, there is the chance to weigh different fruits and vegetables and to serve customers. The theater zone allows children to dress up in costumes and perform on stage, while there is the weather forecast zone where kids can actually stand in front of the camera and give the day's forecast. There is also an area set up as a diner with a kids size counter for serving all kinds of fake burgers etc.

The main zones are suitable for kids of all ages, but there is also a special zone for the youngest visitors which is kind of like a miniature version of the whole museum. Our two year old lurrved the whole place, including the zone for the younger kids. For families with multiple kids this is also a great place as there is something for kids of all ages to do here. In addition there is something for every kind of kid, whether your child is the active sort who wants to run around and climb on everything or if your child prefers to work on one activity for a long time.

The museum kept us busy for a whole morning and we could have spent much more time there had lunch time and nap time not come around so quickly. The museum is quite pricey but all in all represents a great day out for the whole family.
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