Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clemyjontri Park, McLean, VA

WOW!!! At the first sign of 60 degrees outside, we broke out of our indoor activity slumber and burst onto the scenes at Clemyjontri Park in McLean, Virginia. Only 25 minutes from Silver Spring, MD., this park is an amazing way to spend time outside. The park is completely handicap accessible, and the entire park is on rubber mats which makes it safe and fun for kids of all ages. Not only was it safe, but the park was also huge and provided tons of options for our kids to play on.

The park had racetracks flowing through all of the different climbing apparatuses and kids were running around everywhere with many choices of places to jump and play. Our oldest son enjoyed climbing on the fire truck, running on the race track, and climbing on the rock wall. Additionally, there were monkey bars, swings, and tons of ramps that made it easy to get from one part of the climbing to another.

Another amazing part of this park was that they had a huge maze for kids to run through that was around 4 feet tall. It provided the kids with a lot of fun, but parents could stand on the outside of the maze and watch their children running through the different obstacles. There were also stations with information to learn from so that the children could also take something educational away from their day at the park. The only negatives to Clemyjontri were that there were so many people running around everywhere which made it a bit tough to keep an eye on your children, it is not well shaded which makes it hot in the summer, and the parking lot on the premises was small for the facilities. However, if you drive one block past the park, there is a large overflow lot with plenty of parking. We absolutely look forward to going back to this park in the future.

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Customer Service


  1. The Kiwanis Club of Tysons Corner will be holding a large-scale service project at Clemyjontri Park on Saturday April 10 from 8am-1pm. We will provide hands-on service to the park alongside members of our service leadership programs: CKI and Key Club. These are the high school and college students that we support. In addition to performing park maintenance, we will be presenting a check for $500 towards the installation of the Liberty Swing. Our club is currently nominated for a Fairfax County Volunteer Service Award for Adult Volunteer Group of the year.

    For more information, please visit

  2. Thank you for sharing this information and thank you for providing new equipment to an already great playground.

  3. We went to this park today and it was really cool! Unfortunately it was also REALLY hot. The one thing I would add is that there isn't much shade so if yo go in the mid-day heat in the summer then you better be prepared to roast. Even my kids were asking to go home, which NEVER happens. Of course they all asked if we could go back soon too :)

    Thanks for the great ideas!