Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meadowside Nature Center, Rockville, MD

Located in Rockville, Maryland, this quaint little nature center provided us with a fun day in a small nature setting. They frequently have nature related events (including a reptile festival the day we went) that are geared toward young children. There are several small rooms in the nature center such as "The Legacy of the Land" room which shows examples of Maryland's natural environment, "Life in a Log Cabin", an entire indoor forest and cave, as well as a "Curiosity Corner" room with plush animals, fish tanks, frogs, and nature books. There were plenty of places to sit down and read stories about animals indigenous to Maryland.

Outside, there were large bird cages, and bee and butterfly gardens which my 3 year old enjoyed immensely. There are also a variety of different nature paths that are open for hiking. The paths were well shaded and we were able to enjoy a scenic walk through the forest. You can call in advance or check the website in advance to find out when the nature center runs their special events. This place is best for children ages 3-7 years of age and will probably provide 1-3 hours of entertainment.

Hours: Sun-Mon Closed; Tue-Sat 9am–5pm
5100 Meadowside Lane
Rockville, MD 20855-1812
(301) 924-4141

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  1. I love this particular nature center because of the birds outside. I haven't been in a while but they use to have a bald eagle there. Awesome to see one up close! We also really enjoy maple syrup time. Its a fun outing and they kids get to help collect sap from the trees and see the steps required to make syrup. We're so luck to have such a great variety of nature centers so close to Silver Spring!