Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jump Zone, Columbia, MD

Jump Zone is in Columbia, MD and is filled with 7 huge (about 25 feet) inflatables which have slides, wall climbs and small obstacle course type things to do. Check online ahead of time as this place has strange times due to being rented out for parties. This place also has times when it is restricted only to kids under 5 years old so that they don't get trampled by older kids. I recommend this place if your child is at least 3 years old as my 2.5 year old was just barely able to do it and the other children get very wild. This place was a lot of fun and my son is still talking about it, but it can be a dangerous place as the kids bounce into each other and could smack heads. The best ages for this place are probably 5-10 years of age. The cost is $7.00 per child, but adults do not have to pay for themselves, and parents can go on the inflatables to help their younger children (2-4).
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  1. WARNING: I actually found this place to be very, very poorly run. When we got there, they told us not to bother signing in as there would be "plenty of room." We proceeded to the bathroom for 5 minutes and came out and there was a line of people -- all who signed in! -- in front of us. When we told the lady at the front desk (who knew we were there first), she said she couldn't help us and no one else there was willing to help, even though we pointed out that my daughter has significant special needs and it would be very difficult for her to wait. We had driven so far to get there that we waited 35 more minutes (they only let a certain number of kids in) in line in the hot sun (they don't let you wait inside)for our turn. The kids had fun, but it was such an ordeal to get in that I would never recommend it to anyone. Staff was just completely disorganized and unfriendly.