Sunday, August 23, 2009

South Germantown Splash Park in Maryland

This splash park is good for kids that can walk-8 years old. Its benefit is that it is not a huge park so the kids are easily accounted for. However, it does get incredibly crowded during the summer months. The park has a small cave that has a waterfall covering the entrance, circular fountains shooting up from the ground to form a maze, big plastic animals that spit water, a new slide, and small buckets that dump water on you (Only in certain areas). The staff was friendly, helpful, and accommodating when we had any questions or concerns. There are also several tables with umbrellas set up inside this play area so that you can bring lunch, eat, and then go back and play (no standing water means no 30 minute wait time to get back into the water after you've eaten).
One of the reasons that we loved this place is because there is no standing water anywhere in the park so there is no risk of drowning. It also costs only $5.00 per person so it is relatively inexpensive. Our kids had a great time standing on the streams of water coming out of the ground, jumping in and out of the cave, and splashing at the water that shot out of the frogs mouth. Additionally, this water park is also located right next to a mini golf as well as a really nice park with great equipment for children to run and play on. This will be an annual summer trip for our family!

10am-7pm during the summer months

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  1. I have just started following your blog after I saw a special post of yours at "A parent in Silver Spring". This weekend I took my 20month old boy to check the Splash park out. He loved it! Thanks a lot. I guess next weekend will go to the Builders museum. Thanks a lot for maintaining a blog like this.

    Silver Spring, MD