Monday, August 24, 2009

Waterville Valley New Hampshire

Waterville Valley is one of my favorite places in New Hampshire...its about 2 hours from boston and has all sorts of fun family activities year round. I originally went up to Waterville Valley to ski and absolutely love it! Then in the spring and summer went back to hike and camp. There are several hiking options...some much harder than others. Right in the ski resort town is a snowboarding mountain that is used for mountain biking in the summer. You and your bike can ride up the lift and then you bike down the mountain. I dont mountain bike so we took the lift ride up and hiked down (which plenty of people do). It was an easy hike (all downhill of course!) and a lot of fun. My one recommendation would be to wait until mid summer when the snow has had time to thoroughly melt AND the ground has had time to dry. Although playing in the mud was pretty fun too...

The area has a TON of affordable hotel options too. Ive stayed in the waterville valley townsquare condos, which when divided among 6 people was extremely reasonable. And Ive stayed in the Black Bear Lodge right down the road. Most places offer great weekend packages that include ice skating, use of the fitness center, a free lift ticket, canoeing, paddle boating...all sorts of fun stuff. Come on the right weekend and they might have a chili cook off or some other festival going on.
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